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January 11, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I’ve been on break and haven’t updated in a little while. The last couple days have been an onslaught of technological goodness, and I am excited.

CES brought a heapload of tablets, 3DTVs, and other goodies. Honeycomb is looking pretty impressive, but overall, we’re going to wait and see about how it performs at the actual launch. Regarding 3DTV’s, I’m pretty sure I do not care much. As a college student, I spend very little time in front of an actual TV, and I’m still in the camp that thinks 3D is nothing more than a cheap gimmick that causes headaches (both figuratively and literally)

Sandy Bridge has been officially announced. Anandtech seems to get a pretty good impression on performance, and while the Intel graphics are now much better, the agreement between Nvidia and Intel (Intel is now allowed to use Nvidia graphics in the future) makes me very excited. The Intel graphics, despite improvement, are still a step down. I am very excited to hear what Apple has in mind for this year’s Macs.

I’d like to discuss the possibility of a quad-core Sandy Bridge CPU in the next MBP’s specifically. There has been much talk about how the TDP of the quad-cores are too high (45W compared to the current 35W). I personally believe that this is easily alleviated if we are too accept the other talk that the ODD may be removed. The extra 20% gained internally would allow more battery and better cooling, both of which would make 45W not much of an issue. I believe it is very possible, and it really needs to happen, if Apple wants to keep its pro users on board.

Verizon announced its iPhone this morning. Hooray. It’s just an iPhone 4, with a fixed antenna, and possible software exclusives like the wi-fi hotspot feature. Exciting news in that it will shut up all the “when is the Verizon iPhone coming?” people, and that AT&T’s network may get a break from the congestion. However, the real news will come when Apple brings LTE to the iPhone.

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