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The Rumors Keep Coming

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wow, people (myself included) are really itching for some 2011 MBPs. Intel posted a new ad for their Sandy Bridge processors today. Have a look (image taken from 9to5mac.com):

At first glance, you can immediately see the resemblance between that computer and a MacBook Pro, except that computer is much thinner than any MBP we currently see on the market.

This ad has been floating around online all day, and numerous sites are suggesting that Intel has leaked the new MacBook Pros.

Let’s first look at the evidence supporting this idea. If you head over to Apple’s site and take a look at the current promotion images of the MacBook Pros, you can see that the image used on the screen is probably from the same photoshoot as the pictures used on Apple’s site. Further fueling evidence that this might be a MacBook Pro are that 1) the windows clearly show the window buttons on the left side (OS X), and the computer has the status indicator light on the bottom left corner. Also, if you look closely, that light reflection across the screen is the exact same reflection as used on Apple’s promo pics.

Now let me present my skepticism. Honestly, ask yourself. Would Apple actually make promo images for its new MBPs ahead of time then give those images to Intel? And if that did happen, would Intel just post them haphazardly, just waiting for legal action from Apple (the images are still up by the way, suggesting Apple doesn’t care)? It’s doubtful Apple even has promo pics out for anyone other than those designing the pictures, and the higher ups; promotional pictures have no reason to be in anyone’s hands right now, simply due to the fact that they have nothing to do with the supply chain and manufacturing process. More than likely, Intel took one of Apple’s current MacBook Pro pictures, Photoshopped it just enough so that it’s not exactly the same, then posted it as a mockup. Maybe the team that made that ad is speculating on the MacBook Pros just like the rest of us.

The rumors mill is stirring, and people are jumping to conclusions out of hope. Unfortunately, we’re all probably just reading too much into the news. The MacBook Pros will come. Soon. But for now, there’s nothing to see here but impatient Apple fans getting their hopes up.

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