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What Now?

Well, after a nice rush of Apple goodness in the past 2 weeks, I can’t help but wonder. What’s next? It looks like Apple has a pretty good idea of where it’s headed with computing in general. But, after such a nice spec bump to the MBPs, what about the iMacs, Mac Minis, and Macbooks (the Mac Pros and MacBook Airs likely won’t be updated till the end of the year)? I’m sure the iPhone 5 will be interesting as well, this summer, but that’s also a while off. It looks like Apple has a good year ahead of them.

Let’s also look at the other side. What are Apple competitors going to do? With Apple now touting the market’s fastest notebook computer, how are the other manufacturers going to compete. Granted, Apple is the only company out there actually shipping SB machines, so spec-wise, other competitors will catch up. However, in terms of design, it seems only HP has tried to catch up, even a little, and to me, even their efforts seem a little bit underwhelming. Maybe someone else will step up this year, and at least catch up to Apple’s current designs, before Apple jumps on some radical changes bound to come with Liquidmetal.

Tablets? Well, the iPad’s biggest competitor for now is the Motorola Xoom. Given its price, however, I’m not sure this powerful little tablet will even make a dent on iPad 2 sales. Gizmodo called the Xoom half-baked, and if you look at it, the tablet really is only half-done. Honeycomb has huge potential, but it is greatly lacking in the support department. Developers need to step up their game in apps specifically made for Honeycomb, or the iOS ecosystem will only grow stronger, toward an unstoppable momentum. I’m a huge Apple fan, but as we all know, competition is always a good thing.

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