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Optibay Mod

Up until now, I’ve been using a set of magnetized screwdrivers and my fingernails to do most of the repairs and modifications. I ordered a new set of tools from iFixit yesterday, in anticipation of messing around with the internals of my new 17″ machine. These tools include a 54 bit driver set (unmagnetized, but this shouldn’t make a difference, and might be better for the insides of the computer), 2 different spudgers (one official Apple “black stick” and one heavy-duty “black stick”), as well as a set of metal spudgers. Hopefully, this will make my mod jobs a little easier. I will be putting my optibay back into its new home as soon as I get the tools (hopefully by this weekend), and I will photo document the entire process, for those who are interested. Just to clarify, I plan on sticking my Intel X25-M into the system, so that I will be using 2 SSDs, since I now have my iTunes library loading from an external portable hard drive anyway. The 2nd SSD’s purpose I have yet to decide, but the options are currently to boot Windows 7 for gaming, boot the Lion beta, use as a scratch disk (not likely, since the sequential speeds in the Intel aren’t too great anyway), or some combination of the 3. This will be decided soon enough!

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