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MacBook Air and Travel

I’m on the East Coast visiting friends this week, and I have some time to kill.

Going through security for Tuesday’s flight was probably my most pleasant experience with airport security since my childhood. Despite there being a huge line (the largest I’ve ever personally seen at St. Louis Lambert), I seemed to pass through security so much more quickly than I am used to. The reason? My MacBook Air. I do of course have that new 17″ powerhouse, but I only brought the bite-sized MacBook Air for this trip. It was amazing. I did not need to take the 11″ machine out of my backpack at all. I just slipped off my shoes and jacket, put my backpack and luggage on the conveyor belt, and stepped through the metal detector. That’s it.

I used to hate having to take my old 15″ MacBook Pro out of the backpack and giving it its own plastic bin. I would end up having to push 2 bins and two pieces of baggage along the conveyor belt, all while making sure I didn’t push right into the person in front of me, likely juggling the same number of items. That is a thing of the past. That extra step of removing the machine from my bag is history, and airport security has never been more efficient for me. At one point, I even forgot that I had a notebook in my backpack.

That being said, the next time I need to travel with my 17″ will be hell. I’m officially spoiled with convenience, and having to carry not one, but two notebooks in a bag to go somewhere will be painful. I’ll hurdle that obstacle when the time comes, but for now I will enjoy the convenience that this machine offers me.

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