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It’s been over a month since the MBP unveiling now, and many are getting restless over Apple’s other impending Mac updates. What can we expect to see? Honestly, I’m pretty sure the Mac refreshes we will see this year are pretty much exactly like what most people are predicting. Apple didn’t refresh the MacBook Pros with a radically new redesign, so I think Apple is holding design changes close to the chest for another year. Within the next couple of months, we’ll probably see new iMacs and Mac Minis, as well as MacBooks, with Sandy Bridge processors. The Mac Pro line will get significantly upgraded later in the year (fall-ish), and the MacBook Airs do have a chance of getting SNB CPUs (though I’m not sure how much of an upgrade that will be given the unavoidable downgrade in graphics).

I’ve been playing with Lion for a little bit as well. I can’t really say much with the NDA over my shoulder, but I can say that the OS is starting to look very nice. Stability has improved greatly, and I’ve grown to love the new spaces and dashboard a lot. The improved gesture support is definitely going to be nice.

On the gaming side, Portal 2 is coming out very soon (this should be pretty exciting). The Nintendo 3DS is doing incredibly well in the market, despite its abysmal battery life, and, in my opinion, very ugly design. I’m definitely impressed by the gaming the 3DS offers, but I will be holding off on the system until a lite version comes out, predictably with an actually legitimate battery life. Nintendo is going to have a big year, especially with numerous 1st party titles coming out, and possibly with a Wii HD announcement at E3. Sony will also be bringing the NGP out later this year, though, despite its AMAZING specs and design, it will probably not go far enough, given the state of the portable market. I’m not sure Sony will be able to bring out the console at a price point attractive enough to woo people away from a 3DS or tablet gaming (which is getting better and better with every month).

This year is going to have a lot going on for games in general. In the meantime, I will continue waiting, while I get the most out of Pokemon White.

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