Well, it’s been quite a while to say the least. I’d been completely bogged down by finals and other school stuff, so I really hadn’t had time up until the last 2 weeks. And the last 2 weeks, well, yeah I was being lazy. Whatever.

How’s my summer looking?

Well, tech-wise, I’m actually incredibly excited. Apple should be talking about iOS and OS X at their annual conference soon, and I’m stoked. I’ve been playing with the Lion Dev Preview, and while I’m really not supposed to say much, I’m really liking the gestures and the overall refined interface. If Apple irons out the kinks just right, we have a winner on our hands. With iOS, I’m really not expecting a new iPhone this summer (more than likely it’ll be a fall thing..), and honestly, I probably shouldn’t be upgrading this year anyway. I went from 3GS to 4 on a mid-contract renewal, and it really did cost me quite a bit. I don’t regret it, but unless the iPhone 4S or 5 completely knocks my socks off, I’m going to save my cash and hold out for an LTE iPhone. Speaking of phones, the competitors really are stepping up their game. The torrent of Android phones coming in is just insane. I’m actually quite impressed with the Droids, and really, were I not heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem, I would definitely eye Android and its mass selection of beautiful handsets.

Now, ignoring the tech stuff, here’s a little bit of a personal rant. My summer is probably going to be pretty crappy. I’m going to be sitting at home and studying all the MCAT shit I need to digest in the next 2 months. Great. It needs to be done. To add the icing to the cake, I’m pretty much alone all summer, so this is really a forever alone summer for me. Pretty shitty..

Enough of that crap. I’m once again considering a 3Ds. I’d completely disregarded it until I was aptly reminded by a copy of Nintendo Power at Frys the other day, that Ocarina of Time is coming out for the stereoscopic handheld. I absolutely love the game, but I don’t know if Ocarina of Time in 3D is worth $300 (including tax and the game) for an overall crappy package. Who the hell wants a handheld that only has a 3ish hour battery?? Refine the design, up the battery, and I’m sold.

I’d played Portal 2 during finals (yes, bad me) and finished the campaign (which was really short, so it didn’t take much from my studying). I still need to get to the Co-op, and I’ve been promising my friend that I’d log on sometime soon, but I also had to send my 17″ MBP in for a screen replacement, so my “gaming” machine was out of service for a week. Ah yes, the screen replacement which I have yet to talk about. Yeah, about a month after I bought my machine, I discovered that in a dark room, with a dark background, and with the screen on full brightness, my machine had some pretty apparently backlight bleed. Obviously being in school meant I was really too busy to be able to relinquish my primary machine for a week. Well, I got it taken care of, and while Apple’s customer support (in my own experience, at least) is still top-notch, it appears that my new screen also has some light leakage. Yeah… just my luck. It’s definitely better than before, so I’m still debating whether it’s worth it to just suck it up, since I have to actually look for the flaw to see it. I have 2 months to make that decision..

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