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Well then..

So Monday’s event came, and despite the lack of any new hardware, I was pretty impressed. So Apple definitely pulled another “you did it first, but we do it better” ploys with all the new iOS5 features (especially notifications), but honestly, who gives a shit? At the current point in the game, if (and only if) Apple delivers on all of those iOS5 features, iOS5 will have ALL of the features of most mobile OSes, and iOS5 will be doing it in a cleaner, better way. I know very well that I look like the biggest fanboy in the world right now, but I can’t help but feel that most people out there feel the same way. Just looking at some of the features, iMessage seems to stand out quite a bit. I’m still a little skeptical on whether or not the carriers will allow it, but we’ll see. The feature would effectively make all iOS to iOS texting free. That RIDICULOUSLY overpriced $20 a month for unlimited texting will be a thing of the past. But we’ll see.. iCloud is definitely a marvel, though much of its appeal lies in the fact that it is FREE. All that seamless integration (hopefully Apple doesn’t pull another MobileMe debacle) for free. iCloud effectively draws in the iOS Windows users, since OS X will be that much more appealing with this sort of synergy.

What’s there to say about Lion? Well, anybody reading this blog has probably seen the keynote, or at least the highlights. I won’t bore you with those details. I’m currently downloading DP4, and hopefully, all those bugs are nicely ironed out. This should be fun!

Last on my list of things to talk about. Gaming. Sony delivered with some interesting stuff on Monday, I have to admit. Though after the whole PSN scandal, and Sony’s seeming lack of reliability, I still can’t say I would bite on a PS3. Nintendo’s presentation intrigued me, especially with that slick-looking tablet controller. While Apple’s AirPlay is generally about putting your media and games onto the TV, Wii U stresses multiplayer, by streaming the content from the TV onto the controller. I’m not sure how well gaming will really work on this system (they didn’t give much of a real demo), but it’s definitely interesting. More concerning to me is the cost. Let’s assume that the Wii U system itself costs the same as the Wii originally did: $250. Factor in Nintendo’s recent trends of upping prices, and the original cost of Wii controllers, the Wii U is looking to be a pricey commitment. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if those controller tablets ended up costing $100 a piece. Only time will tell, and I have been a loyal Nintendo follower for years, but if Nintendo can’t keep up that reputation of delivering innovation for less, they may be on a slow road to death.

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