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September 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

My luck has been pretty good as of late. A couple nights ago I was just walking across campus and gosh-darnit, there, lying on the ground was a nice pair of black Klipsch image s4i’s. My girlfriend was just looking into getting a new pair of earbuds! Well, they had rubber tips already, and I didn’t really want to stick used earbud tips in either of our ears, so I started looking into new tips.

Google. Google. Google. Comply Foam caught my eye (LOTS of forums rave about these tips for Klipsch buds), so I figured I’d look into getting some. Until today, I’ve never used foam earbud tips so I had absolutely no clue about sizing, comfort, durability, etc. I saw a 3-pack on Amazon for about $15, so I really didn’t feel like spending that much on essentially an experiment, especially if I didn’t even know they would fit. Here’s where the fun came in. I dug around, and apparently, Comply Foam has a fairly good reputation for doing social stuff on Facebook (giving out free tips, earbuds, etc), so I figured, why not? I emailed them and flat out asked for a free sample. They probably wouldn’t even respond to me (as most companies typically don’t).

Monday: A kind Mr. Nate Knox in the customer service department of Comply Foam emailed me back. He asked for an address and a pack of T-100’s was heading my way. Ok, to be honest, at this point, I thought I might’ve emailed a fake address, got tricked into some phishing scam. I gave them one of my secondary email addresses and my school mailing address, so it wasn’t really THAT big a deal, even if I did start getting a shitton of spam. No big deal.

Today I get a package at the mailroom. There, in a normal medium yellow envelope was a 3-pack (different sizes) of Comply Foam T-100s.

At this point I guess I’ll cut the dramatization short, because there really wasn’t anything else too exciting. I popped the small size tips on my s4i’s, and I basically had an orgasm in my ear. I had to get to class (where I am now – yes, I really should be paying attention), and I just really, really didn’t want to take the earbuds out. The foam is REEEEAAALLY comfortable, and the sound with them is just amazing. I thought my Klipsch’s were awesome with the included rubber tips. Well, they’re not. I will definitely be buying a pack or two more of the T-100s (replacements, for my gf, etc), because they’re just incredible.

Thank you so much, Nate. You’ve shown me amazing customer service, and I’m very happy to have contacted you.

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Hey man,
    Nate from Comply here… I’m glad you like the tips!
    Thanks for the post about us and our tips (and me).


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