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Finally, maybe? Some news..

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I’m convinced I’m just lazy. The semester has been looking busy, but not THAT busy. I’m pretty sure I COULD have found some time to make a post in the last couple weeks, but I guess I just didn’t feel up to it. Anyhow, at some point in the near future, I’m planning to migrate this blog over to a more universal one, so I won’t feel entirely obligated to post only about tech stuff. Every once in a while, I do feel like posting about my life outside of my toys, but the blog is called “Tech Junkie Review.” Maybe the transition will be motivation to post more, maybe…

Ok let’s get to some actual content. Not all that much has really happened in the last couple weeks. We do have a good amount of Apple gossip, but gossip is gossip. The way I see it, Jobs stepping down won’t make any difference in the way Apple works, considering the man has been silently looming instead of actively managing for months now. Cook will do just fine. iPhone 5 rumors are really ramping up, with VERY mixed information: some say it’ll only be a “4S” with a mere spec bump and improved antenna. Others seem to be incredibly convinced that the iPhone 5 will have the teardrop shape, a giant screen, and a different home button. I know a lot of people who are waiting for the thing, but I probably won’t be picking one up myself, unless AT&T really entices me with the full discount in contract renewal pricing. More than likely, I’ll be waiting for the first LTE iPhone, at which time I will buy one unlocked (so I can use it in Asia or Europe, maybe…). I have been eyeing a Thunderbolt Display since they were announced too, but I’m not sure I want to spend the grand on a display just yet. My primary use would be the docking capabilities and cable simplicity, and of course movies, but Belkin now has that Thunderbolt dock on the horizon, which could save me a bit of money. I don’t really NEED the big-ass display either. I’d just really, really like one. It’s pretty.

I hadn’t looked at any Microsoft news until two nights ago, when the Windows 8 Developer Preview was released. I was incredibly surprised there were no strings attached to the DL: no developer fee, no NDA, nothing. Just go to the page, click the download, and there you have an ISO of a slick new OS. Apple might want to learn from this.

After a good day of deliberation and forum-trawling, I decided to Boot Camp my fairly new MBA and give it a shot. Most threads said that it installed fairly easily, and the drivers worked for the most part. Several posters went as far to say that the OS was incredibly polished for a developer preview. Ehh… It took me all of 15 minutes of usage before I deleted the partition. I was incredibly impressed by the install itself (took about 10 minutes total), but shit, in the 15 minutes I actually used the OS, 5 minutes were on restarting the machine because it’d become completely unresponsive. I couldn’t get the drivers to install at all, and frankly, the Metro UI is an ugly piece of crap. It’s kind of like Lion’s Launchpad (which also kind of sucks), but uglier, and less thought out. On tablets, hell yes. It has that touchscreen mentality to it. Using a mouse with Metro is incredibly weird, and really just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m reaching that point in life when I’m supposed to start feeling old due to the “hip,” new technology. Probably not…

I did disable Metro (lots of quick instructions online for that), but at that point, the OS kinda just looked like Windows 7 except a little bit slicker, and while it worked, much, much quicker. It’s definitely a zippy OS, and it really feels like Microsoft’s Snow Leopard. Once it gets a little bit more polished, and the Boot Camp drivers start to work (not likely until the official release comes out), it’ll definitely be a pretty awesome OS to use (especially with that spiffy, native EFI support).

I realize I sound like I don’t really like Lion right now, and I guess that’s not fully true. But, the Wi-Fi bugs with Lion have irritated me to no end for the last few weeks. I work IT, the school uses WPA2-enterprise. When hundreds of freshmen arrive with their brand-spanking new Macs (all with Lion), and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, people get pissed. Then there’s the loss of Samba (breaking our network printing system), which just leads to a whole different set of nightmares. I’ve been testing 10.7.2 also, and obviously Samba’s not back, and the Wi-Fi problems don’t seem to be fixed. There it goes again. I just lost my connection. Whoa, a self-assigned IP error. Haven’t seen one of those myself since 10.6.6.

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